AGT Thermotechnik MAK 6-2 Gas Conditioner

The MAK 6-2 (VIA MAK 2) Sample Gas Conditioner provides clean, dry gases for extractive analyzers. The MAK 6-2 continuously dehumidifies a sample stream and rapidly separates the condensable liquids from the gases. Features include low maintenance, corrosion-resistant Kynar®sample tubing and digital cooling temperature display. This item is also available for rent from CleanAir Europe or purchase from CleanAir Express.


103-127 v AC, 280 watts
Shipping Weight: 
65 lbs.

Helpful Hints

Helpful Hints: 
he MAK 6-2 does not come equipped with a sample pump. If you need a sample pump, we recommend the Air Dimensions Pump. 

Download Detailed Specifications

Detailed Specifications: 


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