CleanAir® Express Method 5 CATECO Sampling Train

The Method 5 CATECO Sampling Train is similar to the Method 5 Train except that it replaces the Modular Sample Unit with a more versatile CATECO Heated Filter Unit. Separating the probe and heated filter from the glassware makes this train ideal for vertical and hard to access testing locations.  Method 5 equipment is also available for sale by our Express Sales Group.
Did you know that CleanAir® can also help you with particulate testing analysis?  We have tared filter media ready for any stack testing need.

Click here to learn more about our particulate lab <Link to lab grav site>.  Yes, we are NELAC <Link to our Certs> accredited!"



120 v AC
Shipping Weight: 
4-5 boxes, 250 lbs.

Helpful Hints

Helpful Hints: 
A more convenient and user friendly train than the traditional Method 5 system for vertical test ports and test locations with minimal access. We also a rent this train with a heated sample line that goes from the back of the filter heater box to the first impinger. This item is available for purchase through CleanAir Express.

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Detailed Specifications: 


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