Electro Industries/Gauge Tech Nexus 1250/1252 Power Meter

The Nexus 1250 and 1252 power meter by Electro Industries/GaugeTech is one of the industry standards for high performance power metering. They utilize auto-calibrating metrology, that re-calibrates the unit on the fly when temperatures change more than 5 degrees Celsius to provide a highly stable and accurate power measurement. This meter has 4 RS485 communication ports and a 12 socket Ethernet port that provides necessary power system assessment information in real time.
In addition to measuring electricity, the Nexus 1250 and 1252 meters are a leading class power quality analyzer. It provides high performance waveform recording events for faults, voltage surges and sags, and harmonics. It also provides multiple programmable memory logs for power analysis and data trending. 


Shipping Weight: 
16 lbs

Helpful Hints

Helpful Hints: 
Advanced Power Quality Recorder, Precision Auto-calibrating Metrology, Real Time Power System Assessment, Dual High Powered 16 bit A/D Converters, Dual internal References stable to 5ppm


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