FLIR SC8313 High Speed Infrared Camera

 The FLIR SC8300 is a high speed, high definition MWIR megapixel science-grade infrared camera with HD resolution up to 1,344 x 784 pixels.  Minute details can be detected with the highly sensitive cooled FLIR INSb detector.  The FLIR readout provides digital data at 200 megapixels per second.  Temperatures of up to 350° C can be measured.  There are digital outputs that can be used with CameraLink, Gigabit Ethernet, CoaXpress and HD-SDI.  Data can directly inputted into Mathworks® MATLAB software for advanced image analysis and processing.  CleanAir offers a various behind the lense optical filters for a multitude of applications.  Different lenses are also available.



3.0 - 5.0 µm Temp. -20° C to 350° C

Digital- CameraLink, Gigabit Ethernet, CoaXpress & HD-SDI
24 VDC

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