Method 201A Cyclone Assembly

201A cyclone

 The US EPA Method 201A cyclone can be used for PM10, PM2.5 or can be combined to measure both.  A high temperature version is also available.  It uses a threadless clamping mechanism to avoid seizing the threads.

(Pictured as PM10 & PM2.5 combined cyclone kit)

Helpful Hints

Helpful Hints: 
This cyclone conforms to the exact specifications developed by Southern Research Institute for the US EPA. The complete kit includes the cyclone, 11 (eleven) nozzles, 1 (one) back-up filter holder and an anti-seize compound. *Acidic environments may lower the maximum end of the temperature range considerably. Stainless steel in-stack cyclones with threaded connections cannot be used for sources with stack gas temperatures above ~700F, because the threaded connections will gall and seize.  CleanAir does offer threadless cyclones.

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Detailed Specifications: 


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