CEM Worksheet

Tell us all about your process. The more information you give the better fit the CEM will be. You can always use approximate numbers.

Contact Information
General Process Descriptions

Examples: municipal waste incinerator, gas turbines

Examples: bag house, scrubber

Example: between dryer and charcoal scrubber

Constituents to be Measured

check all pollutants to be measured. please indicate if it is in parts per million (ppm) or percent.

Instrument Site
Stream Characteristics

particulate description and concentrations: example: fly ash @ 1 mg/m3

specify if dry or wet basis

Specify if wet or dry basis

List any other constituents in the stream and their approximate concentrations

Data Acquisition (DAS)

Do you need to rent something to record the data?

Other Requirements

Are flow and/or temperature measurements required?

Will calibrations need to be manual or semi-automatic?

Will you need to rent calibration gas cylinders?

What power is available at the location ( i.e. volts, amps, # of circuts)?