TEOM 1405-DF


  • Utilizes TEOM technology to provide direct mass measurements and FDMS to account for volatile and nonvolatile PM fractions
  • Designed to meet US and International Particulate Monitoring Regulations
  • Compact, stand alone, network-ready unit which utilizes a virtual impactor to measure PM Fine (PM-2.5) and PM Coarse concentrations with the ability to output PM-10
  • Touch-screen GUI interface quickly and intuitively accesses system status, TEOM data, settings, and instrument conditions
  • A service screen provides access to software wizards which walk the user through calibration and maintenance procedures with detailed instructions and pictures

* Key features from thermoscientific.com



-40° to 60 °C.

ePort, Ethernet, USB, RS232, RS485
100-240 VAC, 440 VA, 47-63 Hz
Shipping Weight: 
83 lbs (38 kg)

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Detailed Specifications: 


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