Powernetics 1500 Power Conditioner

The Powernetics portable AC Power Conditioner is designed exclusively to operate with sensitive electronic instrumentation at remote locations. It compensates for voltage drops due to long power line runs, power obtained from portable generators and other adverse input conditions. Model 1500 also features low E.M.I. operation, regulated true sine wave output, metered input and output and portable housing.


90-130 v AC, 20 amp. max input
Shipping Weight: 
90 lbs.

Helpful Hints

Helpful Hints: 
At remote testing sites where AC power is not readily available, many people use gasoline powered generators. The power output of these generators is usually noisy and the voltage can fluctuate which could possibly result in erroneous data. The Model 1500 Power conditioner will accept the input from these generators and deliver a pure 120 volt sine wave output.