Thermo 49 i Ozone Analzyer

Thermo 49 i Ozone Analzyer

The Thermo 49i ozone analyzer offers a balanced optical system for quick response time. This instrument is easy to operate; has powerful diagnostics and trouble-free maintenance; and includes automatic temperature and pressure compensation. This new model has an enhanced electronics package, improved user interface and extended troubleshooting diagnostics.



0-0.5ppm up to 0-200ppm

Selectable Voltage, RS232/RS485, TCP/IP, 10 Status Relays, and Power Fail Indication. 0-20 or 4-20 mA Isolated Current Outout (optional)
100-115 v AC, 220-240 v AC +/-10% @ 150 watts
Shipping Weight: 
55 lbs.

Helpful Hints

Helpful Hints: 
To calibrate the Thermo 49i you will need an Environics Series 6100 or a Thermo Electron 49C Primary Standard Calibrator. This analyzer can be configured for remote monitoring.

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Detailed Specifications: 


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