Universal Analyzers 3080 Thermoelectric Gas Conditioner

The Universal Model 3080 Thermoelectric Gas Sample Cooler is available with a dual sample stream providing a self-regulated 4.0°C dewpoint sample gas ready for Analysis. Integral electronics offer High Temperature and Water-Slip alarm contacts. The Chiller can be easily integrated with other sample components.  CleanAir Instrument Rental integrates the Universal 3080 into a easy to carry stand. 


95-125VAC, 50/60Hz or 190-250 VAC, 50/60Hz, 700 watts
Shipping Weight: 
50 lbs.

Helpful Hints

Helpful Hints: 
The ambient temperature limits of the Universal Model 3080 are 32 F to 105 F. Take care to keep the Model 3080 within these limits to avoid freezing or overheating. Always make the inspection of the condensate pump part of your system check. Failure of the pump can cause water breakthrough.

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Detailed Specifications: 


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