GE Panameteric PT878

The GE Panameteric PT878 is a highly versatile, self-contained, go-anywhere portable meter with a rechargeable internal battery. It measures flow from outside plastic, metal, or concrete-lined pipes non intrusively, so there is no pressure drop, leaks, or contamination. Patented Correlation Transit-Time signal processing provides accurate, drift-free flow measurement in liquids that contain a second phase of entrained solids or gas bubbles.
The GE Panametric is easy to use, simply input the site parameters, clamp the transducers onto the pipe, adjust the spacing and it is ready to go. Its built-in datalogger can store more than 100,000 flow data points and up to 32 sets of site location parameters. The infrared port transfers datalog, site, and other files to PC.


Shipping Weight: 
17 lbs

Helpful Hints

Helpful Hints: 
Measures flow in ultrapure to extremely dirty liquids such as raw sewage and slurries,Portable, small, lightweight and easy to use,Non-intrusive flow measurement for most pipe sizes and materials,Built-in datalogger can store more than 100,000 flow data points, Rechargeable battery provides up to 8 hours of operation


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