M&C SP2200 Heated Probe w/Blowback

The M&C SP2200 heated filter and probe with blowback option is ideal for high particulate source sampling applications.  It comes with an external ceramic filter type S-2K150, filter porosity: 2µm, with electrically heated external filter 0-180°C adjustable by an incorporated thermostat, oven temperature limiter with reset key at +30°C. Tsetting and low temp. alarm with potential free status-alarm contact at -30°C below Tsetting. With calibration-, isolation- and blowback valve.  It includes a weather protection shield with insulation, a mounting flange: 3" ANSI, 150lbs. with thread G3/4"i. Sample gas OUT: 1/4"NPTi. Material: SS316, ceramic, Viton.


115 VAC, 60 Hz, 800W at probe

Helpful Hints

Helpful Hints: 
The filter temperature is controlled at the probe. Just plug it in and go. Easily accessible sample filter. Sample port shutoff valve. When the probe is in the blowback mode delivering 80 to 150psi of blowback air to the sample filter, the sample port closes to protect the sampling system from damage. Rigid S.S.construction. 2u ceramic sample filter for long lasting protection. You don’t have to permanently mount the blowback expansion chamber or regulator. Just supply plant air and power. Easy to setup and operate.

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