Ohio Lumex RA-915M with M324M Sorbent Trap Mercury Analyzer

 The Ohio Lumex RA915M is a portable atomic absorption spectrometer with Zeeman background correction, which eliminates the effect of potential interferences.  It is a highly sensitive mercury analyzer that does not require gold amalgam pre-concentration and subsequent regeneration.  This is the ideal analyzer for on site Method 30B sorbent trap analysis.This system includes: Furnace for M324 Sorbent Trap Analyzer; Foam Heat Shield for the M324:RA 915M Spectrometer; Pumping Module; Filter Assembly; Window Holder - Bayonet Style;Window Holder - Screw Mount;Ceramic Cartridge Heater; and Laptop with software.




0.1 to 200 micrograms/m3

240/110VAC, 50/60Hz, 12VDC

Helpful Hints

Helpful Hints: 
 Training for this analyzer is highly recommended.

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Detailed Specifications: 


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