Used Sale Items

  Make & Model Description Condition Price
  3M SE-401 Type 1 Sound Level Meter, Includes AC-300 Calibrator (Needs Cal)  Great $2000
  BIOS DC 2 Flow Calibrator (100ml/min to 10 lpm cell) Printer included. Great $1,200
  BIOS Defender Flow Calibrator (510L, 510M & 520H) Great $1,000
  Davis 4000 Vane Anemometer Great $500
  Dawson/Gast Pump 1 CFM pump Good $150
  Dutec I/O Plexor(no modules) Great $450
  ECOM J2KN Only CO, O2 & NO cells Great $3,000
  ESC 8816 Data Acquisition System (Includes up to 3 Boards) Great $3,500
  Furness FC0510 Micromanometer Great $2,500
  Gast Pump Vacuum Pump for NOX Analyzer Used $400
  GMW PUF Sampler High Volume PUF Sampler Working $1,800
  Larson Davis Spark Noise Dosimeter Great $1,200
  Nutech Method 5 Riser Box Good


  R&P TEOM Shelter Portable Shelter Functional $1,000
  Teledyne 3000PA O2 Monitor Great $2,000
  Thermo 42C or 42CLS NO, NO2, NOx Monitor Good $7,500
  Thermo 580B PID Good $1,000
  Thermo Andersen 1 Stage Microbial Sampler
(no pump)
Great $500
  Thermo Andersen 2 Stage Microbial Sampler
(no pump)
Great $500
  Thermo TEOM 1405DF Dichotomous PM10/2.5 Sampler Like New $15,000
  Variable Orifice PUF Calibrator (needs cal.) Good $300
  VIG 20 THC Monitor (flame ionization detector) Parts $2,500







































CleanAir also has used equipment for sale in our Marseille, France office.

See their webpage for more information-