VIG Industries 20 Total Hydrocarbon Analyzer

The VIG Model 20 is a microprocessor based, oven heated total hydrocarbon analyzer. Menu driven software makes this unit simple to use. A two-stage filter, along with a self-cleaning system and teflon isolated burner, reduces chances of contamination.



0-100, 1,000, 10,000, and 100,000ppm

4-20mA DC, 0-1, 5, and 10V
115 v AC, 60Hz or 220Vac, 50Hz
Shipping Weight: 
55 lbs.

Helpful Hints

Helpful Hints: 
The VIG model 20 is recommended for the 1% to 10% range. The fuel and combustion air supply are user selectable.

Download Detailed Specifications

Detailed Specifications: 


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